Why And How To Rim Glasses For Cocktails?

The process of Rimming the Cocktail glass is just another way of presenting your Cocktails in a beautiful way. Even Garnishing your glass with wedges or slices of fruits seems to be for the same reason. Or is it?

There is a whole deal of advantage by rimming your glasses with either Salt, or Sugar, or other powders. 

The most popular powder used for rimming is of course Salt, but you can use limitless choices here. Sugar, Cocoa Powder, or even crushed Peanuts as in Salty Nut Shot cocktail recipe.

But why do you need to do it, in the first place?

More than just adding a nice look to the cocktail, this rim adds flavors to the overall drinks. 

Imagine this: You are making a Bloody Mary, which by itself is more tartaric and tangy. If you rim this cocktail glass with a dash of salt and pepper, imagine the world of difference it makes to the overall drink. 

Of course, Salt can give a slight hit to the tangy taste only when you sip it with salt on the rim. This is not going to completely change the overall taste of Bloody Mary and that is a nice feeling.

How to rim your cocktail glasses?

There is a two way answer for this question. 

If your purpose is to elevate the flavor of the cocktail and you are going to rim the glass with associated powder, then you can rim both sides of the glass.

This can be done by completely inverting the glass on to the saucer with the solution to moisten the rim. By doing this way, both the sides of the rim get moistened and ready for accepting the garnish.

Then, dip the rim into the power of your choice. This can be either salt, sugar, cocoa powder or any edible items. You just need to make sure they are powdered. 

For instance, in Cinnamon Toast Crunch Shots, you can rim the glass with powdered Cinnamon Toast Crunches. Explore the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Shots recipe here.

On the other hand, if you are planning to rim the glass with something alternatively, for example – rimming a Vodka Soda glass with Sugar can reduce the tart taste of the cocktail. 

In this case, you just need to rim the outside of the glass so that the sugar powder doesn’t get mixed with the cocktail and tamper its flavor.

For this, you need to tilt the glass at 45 degrees upside down and dip only the outer edge inside the solution and powder.

Coming to the moistener part, you can do it with anything that is best suited for that particular drink.

Adding a sugar solution to rim sugar powder may be fitting. On the other hand, using Citrus solution to rim with Salt for tropical cocktails may do wonders.